Today’s enterprise leaders know that applications need to be running at peak efficiency so they can focus on running their core business. When it comes to managing their ERP systems, they are often faced with the following challenges:

  • Inability to focus on their core business due to the need to invest resources on niche skills for supporting their ERP applications
  • In-house resources can be expensive
  • Difficulties involved in retaining specialized talent over an extended time
  • Difficulty in managing peaks and troughs in resource demand

Ardent ERP offers ERP maintenance solutions to suit customers with specific requirements such as onsite/offshore/hybrid engagement model, dedicated/part time resource options, and end-to-end SLA driven options.


Ardent ERP works with its Cloud HCM customers to keep their applications running as intended and in tune with the changing dynamics of business situations. These services are delivered in a cost-effective manner from Ardent ERP delivery centers using a proven Shared Services model.

Along with running Business-as-usual maintenance, Cloud HCM customers engage Ardent ERP for upgrades. Upgrades deliver new features and functionality to the Fusion application. They are part of the standard maintenance on your Fusion environments, and help you ensure a stable and reliable Application Cloud service. Upgrading the application allows you to maintain consistent features with the latest releases.


Ardent ERP offers 24/7 customer Application Management Services for the entire PeopleSoft application footprint. The service includes tech stack support, application support, process monitoring, customization support, integration, and reports support which can be delivered from an onsite or remote location using a dedicated workforce focused on your needs. The services include:

  • Application and Customization issue resolution and management
  • Minor enhancements, reports extractions, and modification of existing functionality to standard business applications
  • Mass data uploads to eliminate data entry errors
  • Planned corporate activities
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance of Database and Middleware
  • Administrative support for PeopleSoft environments and application of Oracle patches; PUM updates
  • Database Administration
  • Test Automation using PeopleSoft Test Framework

Ardent ERP’ Upgrade service provides our clients with turnkey solutions including Project Management, Functional Consulting, Upgrade Specialists and Technical Expertise along with DBA support to execute a successful upgrade. We leverage our Global Delivery Model to deliver significant cost savings to our customers


Maintenance and support of PeopleSoft or Cloud HCM applications needs a variety of niche skills, many times on a part time basis. It may not be practical to employ expert resources for each of these skills on a full-time basis. Ardent ERP pool has been supporting multiple customers over many years – a high level Shared Services engagement model is enumerated below:

Ardent ERP provides PeopleSoft & Cloud HCM Shared Services to allow organizations to significantly reduce application maintenance costs while enhancing quality delivery and process management. Our customer receives a customized Shared Services engagement plan to match their specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) and skills requirements. These cloud services are delivered remotely via phone, email or support portal from a shared pool of resources to drive down the total cost of support.

Our Pooled Power model combines the strength of our globally recognized expertise and highly experienced resource pool. It not only helps our clients to significantly increase flexibility, productivity and savings in their business process, but also brings in additional benefits of sharing of knowledge across industries at no additional costs, bringing out the most optimal solution for support needs.