Fast Changing HR Paradigm

Fast Changing HR Paradigm

With the world of technology fast moving towards an on-demand, global, decentralized and social sharing based landscape, organizations are dealing with several challenges to reorient themselves to the new paradigms. At the core of this transformation lies the key element to running a business – the people.

HR functions across organizations varying sizes or shapes are continually innovating with people practices to keep the employee engaged, recognized, enable growth, have a sense of loyalty. SOAIS’ experience dealing with several companies in the HR Technology space and an internal study has helped us crystallize these HR practices which are shaping the people management space today. Here are some of the recent innovations creating a buzz in the HR circles:

  • “Experience” based Rewards & Recognition (not cash).
  • Millennials focussed engagement programs.
  • Robust frameworks for internal talent growth to higher positions.
  • Social Collaboration platforms for employees to CEO to connect.
  • Innovative Performance evaluations (coaching / continuous development / peer reviews etc. rather than one time annual feedback).
  • Uniform global HR practices.
  • Creating great employee on-boarding experiences including gamification.
  • Woman only social network.
  • Strong system tracking training and credits.

While SOAIS is on the forefront of adopting some of these HR best practices internally, our experts continually advise customers on the path to leveraging technology to support, automate, adopt them. SOAIS’ long association with the large enterprise customers running on world leading softwares like Oracle PeopleSoft HCM and now Fusion HCM gives us a head-start in this direction.

Contributed by Prashant