Enterprise HR Tech – AI set to make a difference

Enterprise HR Tech – AI set to make a difference

The global workplace dynamics are fast changing and HR Technology Strategy has become a key deliverable for CHROs & CIOs. The million dollar question is how to adopt technology strategies to create smart HR Tech ecosystems.

Ironically, machines will help make human resource functions feel more human and personalized—from recruitment to employee engagement to education. In the war for talent, AI can help identify and engage potential recruits at scale and with accuracy and speed. They can identify employee strengths and weaknesses to create better, more personalized education and development opportunities. Real-time data feedback loops can aid in better collaboration and communication. Sifting through continuous data can identify hiring patterns, drive employee engagement, spot trends in sick days and turnover rates, and much more.

Data-driven predictive algorithms are used for nearly everything in our modern world. Machine learning algorithms find patterns in enormous piles of digital information and use that data to train, learn, and get smarter. The cloud is helping store and power incredible volumes of data that are feeding these advancing technologies.

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) platform as a buzzword is now passé. AI is where all the action is now. HR Tech is no longer about automating payroll, attendance and leave management systems. It’s evolved to include human resources planning and placement strategies, creating effective and efficient internal communication channels, and employee training and development. All these activities not only require extensive knowledge of behavioural science but also of the latest technology that can provide accurate data in an easy to understand manner and support decision making. This is where AI is set to make a difference.

Credits: Move Over Mobile, AI Has Arrived published in Forbes.com, Oracle Voice

Contributed by Prashant