The twenty first century brought unprecedented changes that impacted business on a global scale.

Successful businesses adapt and respond to change quickly. At Ardent ERP, we offer staffing solutions

to assist you in implementing technology changes through a variety of staffing models:

  • Traditional consulting – onsite, traveling to your location.
  • Remote consulting-working remotely from our offices in the US or India.
  • Staff Augmentation – requiring specific skills to supplement your team.
  • Managed Services – Dedicated teams designed to meet your service level agreements
  • Shared Services – Shared resources or defined number of staff hours to accomplish specific goals

Ardent ERP offers any combination of these staffing solutions designed to support your implementation

project, run and maintain program, or skills fulfillment.


Traditional consulting engagements are generally beneficial to organizations that require an onsite resource due to the nature of the role (project manager, technical lead), or the complexity of the environment (ex: Iarge teams, many end users, onsite meeting demand). Our consultants have many years of experience in working directly with customers as a team member or team leader. In many cases, person to person – direct communication is the best mode to deliver services. ‘We offer the ability to control travel costs through all-inclusive rates, or “just-in-time’ travel for specific meetings or activities. In some cases, traditional consulting engagements may be completed through remote participation. Our consultants may work from our state of the art offices located in Chicago or Dallas, saving you the expense of travel costs. We have the ability to meet your traditional consulting needs – just give us a call for more information.


Our Staff Augmentation Services offerings include:

  • Supplementing your existing team with a specific technical skill set
  • Creating a team to achieve a specific goal or provide a specific service (ex: test automation)
  • Participation in Vendor Managed Services where staff augmentation is delivered through a third party on-boarding service provider

Ardent ERP can provide staff augmentation for any technical role in your organization. Our team has certified project managers, ERP developers, database administrations, network administrators, and application testers. Our technical expertise covers Oracle and SAP ERP Solutions, Cloud and Mobile technologies, with specific cloud application experience like Oracle Fusion and Taleo. Please contact us to see how we can meet your staffing needs.


Ardent ERP offers Managed Services staffing solutions with customer designed Service Level Agreements. The Managed Services offerings include:

  • Support Services – Run and Maintain Programs supporting applications or specific services (ex: Application Testing, Application Maintenance, Enterprise Reporting)
  • Application Upgrade – Oracle Fusion or Taleo Cloud Applications requiring a specific maintenance schedule to remain current on product releases
  • Application Implementation – Cloud solutions like Oracle Fusion that can be configured and implemented remotely for new deployments
  • Shared Services – Specific managed service where application support or testing may be purchased for a subscription fee

Ardent ERP is providing industry leading companies with a variety of Managed Service offerings that are high quality and cost effective! Please contact us for more information.