Streamlining Time & Attendance in PeopleSoft

Streamlining Time & Attendance in PeopleSoft

As part of our PeopleSoft HCM Application support to one of the largest independent consulting engineering organization headquartered in Kolkata, we keep getting several enhancement and new development requests to fulfill the ever-changing business needs of the customer.

In one of our recent monthly meeting discussions with customer, they shared with us a problem which they were facing from the very beginning. They said that their HRIS team has to spend huge amount of time in regularizing the time data of employees as per their requests sent through emails. Customer is using a bolt-on time module within PeopleSoft to capture time data from time devices. So regularization of time data became a huge responsibility of the HRIS team as there was no automated process to handle that. Data discrepancies & huge manual work were the main challenges faced by customer and requested SOAIS for a solution to this problem.

We discussed the issue internally and suggested them to build a custom employee/manager self service module to automate time regularization requests from employees. This included facilitating employees to submit regularization request in self-service mode. These requests then go through approval process and once approved, get saved automatically. We used advanced PeopleSoft tools like AWE, Component Interface to achieve this.

With the above solution in place, customer could achieve high data accuracy in their time data capture and more importantly, they could save huge amount of time and effort of their HRIS team.