Innovative Certify use for Results Display

Innovative Certify use for Results Display


In one of our recent Worksoft Certify automation development project, we had a special request from the Business owners.

Background: The customer was implementing SAP for new geographies and Certify was the chosen tool for their Test Automation strategy. The customer extensively used the Integrated Processes developed by our team for data creation. In OTC Order processing, we would be given a combinations of data required to create a Standard Sales Order and we would process them till invoicing using the Integrated Processes created for that purpose. Processing a Standard Sales Orders with WM/EWM activities usually takes lots of time and effort, but with Certify, team processed hundreds of orders, while generating and validating invoices, shipment labels, document flows in the stipulated testing time window. This tremendously helped Business teams to validate many functionalities during their system upgradation.

Business Problem: For most of the Business owners, we provided the end results as BPP report, with details of shipment labels, tickets, packaging labels etc. for further validations. However, one team of Business Owners was very particular of getting the end result data in a pre-defined excel sheet, which they found convenient to validate the Business Process. All the data was to be collated in one single excel sheet so that they don’t have to search through entire BPP report or any other results report. SOAIS automation team had discussion with the Business owners on their result data need and finalized the design of the result data.

Solution: Since the customer was already using BPP reports, the team initially thought of providing a solution using a customized BPP report. However, after a quick effort versus benefit analysis of the BPP solution, the team decided to use MS Excel Interface available in Certify. As per the required design, a Certify process was developed to capture the data required by the Business owners in the result data and that data was written at runtime, alongside the predefined columns, in the Excel using MS Excel interface.

The Business owners were very happy with the outcome as they got the test results data in a format which they are comfortable with and quickly validate the sanctity of the Business Process. The SOAIS team with their deep understanding of Worksoft Certify also was able to innovatively use MS Excel interface to meet the customer’s requirement.

If you would like to know more about leveraging SOAIS capabilities in a similar, write to SOAIS sales team.