Using Worksoft Certify PRIMO

Using Worksoft Certify PRIMO

A global Canadian retailer runs a POS application in a hand-held device. This application is used to track the products that customers buy and bill them at the checkout counter. Currently, the business processes forming part of this application are tested manually. However, frequent updates to the application make manual testing highly cumbersome and error prone. In came the need for Test Automation. Since this customer is using HPE UFT for Test Automation and has a very competent team, they tried automating the application using Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) Emulator. While they were able to achieve some level of automation, the results were not to the satisfaction of the business users.

Customer wanted to do a POC using Worksoft Certify. Customer engaged with Worksoft to execute this POC. I got the opportunity to work in the POC as part of Worksoft-SOAIS partnership from customer’s IT center. While each POC throws new challenges at us, the hand held device running a windows application made it even more interesting.

Since WMDC Emulator is a windows application, my first instinct was to try to automate using Worksoft Certify’s Silverlight Interface. However, the results were not very favorable and the stage was set to unbox Worksoft Certify PRIMO. PRIMO was introduced in October 2016 and marries image matching with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to define an object and data about the object. It provides an alternative method to automate graphical object heavy applications that couldn’t be automated with the other Certify interfaces. The prior training from Worksoft and extensive hands-on assignments made me confident to recommend PRIMO in this context. Within a couple of days of automation, I started getting very successful results with PRIMO both in terms of test coverage and also in terms of stability. The objects which were not identifiable using Silverlight were very easily recognized with PRIMO for automation purposes. Though we have automated most of the objects using PRIMO, Table was the only object that couldn’t work well with the existing PRIMO feature. However timely intervention from the Worksoft engineering team helped overcome this hurdle easily.

In conclusion, we were able to demonstrate successfully yet again, the capability of Worksoft Certify which only got better with the introduction of PRIMO.

Contribution by Avinash Kumar