PeopleSoft on Cloud – best of both worlds?

PeopleSoft on Cloud – best of both worlds?

Through 2016, the buzz of cloud applications had several PeopleSoft customers wanting to retain their PeopleSoft systems, while worried whether they are missing the bus on technology benefits of cloud applications. Oracle’s commitment to continue to invest in PeopleSoft applications & technology saw the release of PeopleTools 8.55 with a significant set of features and products that will enable PeopleSoft customers to experience the benefits of software deployment on cloud i.e.  rapid provisioning (including cloning), automated patching, dynamic scaling to name a few – regardless of underlying infrastructure. These capabilities would improve the deployment and lifecycle management of PeopleSoft environments, regardless of whether customers are running in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, as well as traditional on-premise installation.

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA) available with PeopleTools 8.55 encompasses Deployment Packages (DPKs) which contain all the software created by PeopleSoft as well as the required components pre-installed and fully patched, along with a deployment and configuration automation system. Deployment Packages for Linux and Windows and can be all found on MyOracleSupport (MOS). DPKs are used in conjunction with Automated Configuration Manager (ACM), and ACM supports all PeopleTools operating systems and databases. ACM can help automate the configuration of environments, including things like automating the setup of Process Schedulers, Integration Broker and SES. In addition, DPKs can be used to install the PeopleTools development client in a fast, automated fashion.

A major point to clarify, moving PeopleSoft to the cloud using PCA is not a requirement in the new PeopleTools release, but PCA does simplify the process if your business wants to move toward Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS). Current PeopleSoft customers on Oracle’s maintenance having access to the new PeopleTools can implement this without making additional purchases or change in commercial terms. This becomes relevant because Oracle does not have plans to offer PeopleSoft as a SaaS solution.

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Contributed by Prashant Shetty